A Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner

We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and companies looking for long-term investment and relationships that will support significant growth and financial stability. We support our partner companies’ management teams leveraging our decades of business experience and expertise in scaling operation, commercial development, strategic planning and financial and accounting processes. We don’t come in to take over–we come in ready to listen, learn, and roll up our sleeves as we work together to make your company’s dreams and goals a reality.

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect

We partner with people we respect. We look for people we will enjoy working with, whom we will learn from as well as advise. We want to work with driven teams who love what they do, and are ready to be challenged to think differently and work differently in order to reach their goals.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what we do. That’s why we bring both experience and an out-of-the-box mindset to working towards our partner companies’ goals. Sometimes that looks like creating a new vision for growth that is informed by the past but is inspired by today’s newest possibilities.


We don’t want to come in and run your company for you. Rather, we come in as a trusted advisors helping your team to take what is excellent and make it exceptional. All along the way, we strive to always act with transparency, honesty, and collaboration.


We’ve got deep South Louisiana roots, and where we come from, people come before things. We respect our partners’ desire to balance business, family, and community, whatever that looks like for them.

Investment Criteria

Investing in People

We look for high-performance small and medium-sized companies that have opportunity for growth, are cash flow positive, and have strong human capital. Most importantly, when we look at a company to invest in we look for great people: dynamic management teams that are ready to infuse new energy into reaching aggressive-but-achievable performance and strategic goals

Investing in people
Our investment sectors

Our Investment Sectors

While our typical investments remain within five main industry sectors, we entertain investments across all sectors, especially if a company’s services align well with an existing company in our portfolio.

Typical Sectors we invest in:

Energy Services
Exploration and Production
Real Estate

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We partner with dynamic entrepreneurs and management teams to provide experience and capital that support their growth and help them reach them goals.

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